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1.5 hours


Learn how to manage your dean, empower your staff, develop your faculty team, and serve your students and stakeholders—your “management molecule.”  The session begins with the department chair at the center of the molecule and explores how you can manage your relationships—up, down, and to your sides to build community, set direction, enhance the quality of your life as a leader, and create a more harmonious department.

At the end of the session, participants will be able to:

- Identify the elements in the department chair’s molecule—the relationships and roles that are an essential are part of academic life.
- Develop strategies and skills for “managing up” with your dean
- Develop strategies and skills for effectively managing faculty relationships.
- Identify specific barriers to and strategies for improving collegiality in their departments.
- Develop strategies and skills for working well with staff.
- Develop best practices for healthy relationships with students in your department.
- Develop strategies and skills for managing your personal molecule.
- Identify the networks that can be part of your molecule and develop a strategy for cultivating them.

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Walter H. Gmelch