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1.5 hours


In this workshop, participants will learn concrete, step-by-step strategies for maximizing the production and publication (or acceptance for presentation) of manuscripts in an appropriate outlet. These strategies address all phases of the scholarly writing process, including identifying easily-publishable topics; preparing emotionally and organizing yourself for writing; following a formula; controlling your writing time; writing to communicate; and requesting and receiving feedback.  In addition, we’ll address the publication and presentation phases, including: identifying the best publication outlets; querying journal editors; making your presentations more attractive to editors and reviewers; monitoring your submissions, and interpreting and responding constructively to the reviews.

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

• Maintain emotional balance while engaged in scholarship
• Write articles and presentation papers more quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality
• Better control their writing time
• Communicate intelligently with journal editors; and ultimately,
• Maximize their production of well-written manuscripts with a high likelihood of acceptance for publication in a suitable journal or presentation at an appropriate conference.

This open-access event will be recorded & available for 1 week after the live event. Subscribers will have continuous, uninterrupted access.

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Workshop Leaders
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Linda B. Nilson